CALPADS Learning Opportunities

We train CALPADS LEA Administrators so they can train others.

Leaders are learners first. As a CALPADS LEA Administrator, build your knowledge of local data and state systems one step at a time. Become an expert and share your mastery locally and regionally. We'll help you put it all together and provide you with insights and tools you can use.

Our approach to learning puts the learner first using a learning management system. Our instructor-led and self-paced learning offerings encompass big-picture concepts as well as important details.

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Just for CALPADS LEA Administrators

We offer live and self-paced online classes. With our new Learning Management System (LMS), CALPADS learning opportunities are always ready for you. Join us live or learn at your own pace, whenever you want, wherever you want.


CALPADS LEA Administrators go above and beyond. Do you know more now than you did before the class? Are you helping others to learn? Professional growth deserves recognition.

Training Recognition