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We are proud of our long standing history of providing leadership, information and tools to empower California's education heroes to create better schools and a brighter future.


The Internet as we know it is only seven years old and is still merely an online bookstore. The systems used to manage school data across the state of California are disjointed, under performing, and not setting up students and school staff for success. California legislature creates California School Information Services (CSIS) to address this issue. CSIS embarks on its mission to improve the capabilities of educational agencies across the state.


CSIS is constantly expanding its ability to positively impact the lives of students, parents, teachers, and administrators in every corner of The Golden State. We are using the latest technology in meaningful ways, developing and supporting mission-critical software depended upon by the state education system. As we grow as a public agency, we cherish the humbling moments when the fruits of our labors feed hungry students, increase the quality of public education across California, and ensure that every student is fully accounted for and supported. We sincerely stand behind our motto: Better data. Better schools.

Some amazing things happened along the way:


CSIS isn't messing around. Four years after its founding, we launch DataGate, the very first statewide pupil-level data system in California. DataGate utilizes the CSIS Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) and California becomes one of the earliest states in the nation to unify accurate, pupil-level data at this scale, setting a new bar for the use of technology to improve the outcomes of students, schools, and entire districts.


Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg launches and Google stock is trading for a measly $85 a share. CSIS introduces digital academic transcripts, a technological leap forward that evaluates student achievement locally and dramatically increases the opportunity for students across the state to be accepted to the University of California.


Twitter Founder, Jack Dorsey, sends the first tweet, "just setting up my twttr" on the 21st of March. Meanwhile, CSIS is hard at work curating a library of digital resources and information that educational agencies can use to nurture a sustainable local data culture while anticipating the arrival of CALPADS in 2009.


In a humbling turn of events, the CSIS Direct Certification software, through its partnership with CDE and CDSS, is recognized in the Best of California Awards Program as Best Application Serving Multiple Jurisdictions – a true honor.


While kids are out for summer break, CSIS Direct Certification software eliminates reams of paperwork and churns through 9 million records to identify students eligible for free meals. Over 300,000 children whose learning was hampered by hunger are now nourished, ready to learn; ready to succeed.


While the neighbor down the street is becoming the next YouTube star, CSIS relaunches for the new smartphone-driven landscape and social sharing. This marks a turning point in the deployment of education data: putting School Accountability Report Cards in the hands and pockets of parents and teachers to take informed action to improve their communities.


Landmark legislation in California shifts the funding for schools to local control. CSIS equips counties and districts for this new era by implementing major improvements to CALPADS, helping better identify foster youth, English learners, and students eligible for free meals.


Over 50 billions apps have now been downloaded in the Apple iOS App Store, and CSIS unveils another significant improvement, 5-year trend charts, to, receiving an excellence award from the Sacramento chapter of Project Management Institute.


In July the biggest earthquake in two decades literally changes the landscape in southern California. Meanwhile, CSIS joins over a dozen state agencies in ground breaking work to create a blueprint for the state's first Cradle-to-Career Data System.


The pandemic brought about unprecedented changes, new challenges, and a "new normal". CSIS steps up for diversity, equity, and data. We're proud to join the governing board for the Cradle-to-Career data system, including our Chief Operations Officer serving as its first chairperson.

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