Helping California's local education agencies efficiently and effectively
use electronic data


In 1997, CSIS, California School Information Services, was established as a division of the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) to help address problems of education data management and electronic exchange. We serve California's local educational agencies by helping them build good data management practices, use data to inform decisions and exchange data with other K-12 and postsecondary institutions. CSIS works with the California Department of Education (CDE) managing the CALPADS Service Desk and assisting in the maintenance of CALPADS.

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CALPADS, the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System, is the longitudinal data system used to maintain individual-level data including student demographics, course data, discipline, assessments, staff assignments and other data for state and federal reporting. FCMAT/CSIS is responsible for providing support to local education agencies (LEAs) for their CALPADS work, including managing the CALPADS Service Desk and providing training on CALPADS functionality. FCMAT/CSIS also helps the California Department of Education with technical support and maintenance of CALPADS including requirements, programming, testing, configuration/deployment and maintenance responsibilities.

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Data Management

CSIS helps local education agencies (LEAs) build good data management practices so they have quality data for local decision making as well as state and federal reporting. CSIS provides four types of data management services to improve the quality of LEA data.

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