Helping California's local education agencies efficiently and effectively
use electronic data

Tools and Samples

The tools and samples on this page are intended to provide local education agencies (LEAs) with resources they can adopt or adapt for their use to assist in improving local data management practices.


The links to sample forms provided below give LEAs examples of forms they can adapt for local use. The sample Enrollment/Registration and Staff Emergency forms follow the federal guidelines for collecting student and staff race and ethnicity data.

The CDE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link in the Quick Links section provides guidance for Provision 2 and 3 schools on determining the low income subgroup for the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and accountability purposes. As explained more fully on the CDE FAQ page, after the base year, Provision 2 and 3 schools cannot collect income information using the Free/Reduced Price Meal application; these schools need to use an alternative method to collect income data to determine the low income subgroup for LCFF and accountability purposes. The CDE LCFF FAQ link includes sample alternative income forms in multiple languages.

Enrollment Form with Military Question

Board Policies

The sample Board policies provide LEAs with examples of Board policies that address sharing of free and reduced price meal data, releasing directory information and maintaining student records.

Procedure Manuals

LEAs are encouraged to document their procedures for collecting and maintaining data. LEAs can adapt the sample procedure manuals accessible below to describe their own procedures.

Sample Job Descriptions and Data Coordinator Tasks

The sample Job Descriptions and list of tasks typically performed by data coordinators have been provided by LEA staff who have CALPADS responsibilities specified in their job descriptions. Knowledge, skills, abilities and specific job tasks will vary by LEA according to other duties and responsibilities, size of the student population, and grades and programs served.

Data Management Calendars

LEAs are encouraged to develop a data management calendar each school year to document data collection, review and reporting activities. Once prepared, the calendar can be shared with all levels of staff (school secretaries, principals, program staff, and district administration) so that everyone is aware of when specific activities need to occur, including when staff members need to be involved in collecting data and reviewing certification reports. LEAs can adapt the sample calendars accessible below to fit their internal timelines.

Sharing Tools and Samples

If you have a form, policy, procedure manual, calendar or another tool you think would be useful to other LEAs and you are willing to share it via the FCMAT/CSIS website, please use the Quick Link for FCMAT/CSIS Support, attach your document(s) to the Support form and submit it. Thanks to all of the LEAs that have shared their resources!