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Mini Tutorial Clips

FCMAT/CSIS provides mini tutorial clips on various topics.  Some clips are for specific tasks in CALPADS and others are general topics to assist with data analysis. These clips allows users to view them at their own pace and a time that is convenient for them. The sessions can be viewed using the links below.

Your system should meet the following requirements:


  • Computer with a sound card, most tablet or handheld phones.
  • Speakers or a headset
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher (1280 X 960 or higher is recommended)


  • Recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
​Session ​Description
Foster Youth Data in CALPADS
​This session covers foster youth data in CALPADS, how foster youth are defined and identified under LCFF, recommendations for local coordination for serving foster students, and issues for LEAs to consider when using foster data.
​Foster Youth Local Match in CALPADS ​This session demonstrates how to report a local foster match in CALPADS for foster youth that were not identified by the automatic match done between CALPADS and CDSS.
​Historical Enrollment Update (Grade Conversion) ​This session demonstrates the process of updating historical enrollment records which are associated with multiple grade levels (a.k.a. Grade Conversion).
Importing CALPADS Extract to Excel ​This session demonstrates how to import a CALPADS extract into Excel and add field headers.
Self-help Starter Guide ​This wiki style document provides basic details about CALPADS reporting and where other information can be found.
Snapshot Redesign ​This session demonstrates the changes related to the snapshot redesign.
​Analysis Tools
​Pivot Tables in Excel ​This session demonstrates how to aggregate your data using a pivot tables in Excel.
VLOOKUP Function in Excel ​​​​​This session demonstrates how to compare data from local source, such as a student information system, to data from a CALPADS ODS extract using the VLOOKUP formula in Microsoft Excel.