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LEA Contact Lookup​

CSIS maintains a statewide list of California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) contacts and provides lookup capabilities to help staff in one local education agency (LEA) contact staff in other LEAs to resolve statewide student identifier (SSID) anomalies and assessment suspense records. To find an LEA's CALPADS contact, either begin typing the first few letters of the LEA name in the box below and select the LEA from the list that will appear, or click on the down arrow button below and then select the LEA from the dropdown list. If you do not find the agency name you are seeking on the list below, or if you need to update the information for your LEA, please call (916) 325-9210 or use Quick Link to contact FCMAT/CSIS Support.

LEAs that need a list of all LEA contacts may contact FCMAT/CSIS Support to request the file.​​​