Helping California's local education agencies efficiently and effectively
use electronic data

Data Management

CSIS provides four types of data management services to improve the quality of local education agency (LEA) data for state reporting and local use:

  • Trainings for local data management staff and site or district administrators on data management concepts, statewide education data systems and best practices to help LEAs collect, use and report data. To register for these trainings or to learn more about them, click on the Training Registration Quick Link.
  • On-site Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) services to examine LEA data management practices and recommend improvements. (Note:  there is a fee charged for this service) To request this service, click on the FCMAT/CSIS Online Support Form in the Quick Links and request on-site technical assistance.
  • Data management tools for LEA use and/or adaptation. To view these tools, click on the Tools and Samples Quick Link.
  • Links to state, federal and other data management resources. To find links to state resources, click on the State Quick Link. To find federal resources, click on the Federal Quick Link. To find links to professional organizations and statewide education technology services that provide training and resources related to data management, click on the Other Quick Link. Also use the Other Quick Link to find books and journal references related to data management.

These training opportunities, services, tools and resources help LEAs understand data management concepts and best practices to improve the quality and use of their data. CSIS data management services are for staff and administrators who are new to data management and current staff who want help improving their data management practices.