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Our Organization

Chief Operations Officer

Nancy Sullivan became CSIS Chief Operations Officer in 2013, after serving as Deputy Operations Officer since 2009. Ms. Sullivan joined CSIS in 2005. For more than twenty years, Ms. Sullivan has directed project teams in programmatic and technical areas and promoted the effective use of data and technology in K-12 education at the regional and State level. Ms. Sullivan has served in a variety of roles, including coach to district and site teams on using data to improve student achievement, developer of research-based tools for teachers and administrators, research analyst, administrator, California’s Education Technology Director and CDE’s Data Management Division Director. 

Communications & Projects Department

The CSIS Communications & Projects (C&P) Department includes administrative support staff and project managers who serve as project managers and Agile scrum masters for CSIS projects, prepare program communications and reports, coordinate logistics for meetings such as the CALPADS Information Meetings (CIM), help LEAs with meeting and training registration and provide administrative and human resource support to the CSIS staff.

Requirements Department

Rima Mendez became the CSIS Requirements Officer in 2014, after serving as the Requirements Architect since 2008. Ms. Mendez joined CSIS in 2002. She is responsible for managing and supporting all requirements development and change management for FCMAT/CSIS Services and the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS). She has led project teams in programmatic and technical areas and has extensive experience with analysis and documentation of data requirements for education data systems. Prior to joining CSIS, Ms. Mendez served in a variety of roles; her responsibilities included data analysis, project proposals, requirements gathering, system design, developing/documenting data requirements, software systems implementation and test system integration for a student information system.

The CSIS Requirements Department includes architects and data analysts who are responsible for change and requirements management, including analyzing change requests for the CALPADS as well as other FCMAT/CSIS services, capturing requirements for approved changes and creating and updating requirements documentation. CSIS Requirements staff work with the CDE, postsecondary institutions and other government agencies on CALPADS and issues related to pre-kindergarten to workforce exchange of data in compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

Information Systems Department  

Amy Fong, CSIS Information Services Officer, has directed the CSIS Information Systems Department since 2004 and has served on the CSIS staff since 2001. Ms. Fong is responsible for all FCMAT/CSIS technology services, including networking and telecommunications, software development, testing and operations.  She has led project teams in a wide variety of technical areas and has extensive management experience in information systems and data management related to statewide student identifier maintenance, state reporting and records transfer. Ms. Fong has served in a variety of roles, including web application, website and data collection and reporting systems for the California Department of Education.

The CSIS Information Systems Department includes information systems architects, a network systems engineer, network specialists, developers, database administrators, testers and a usability engineer with responsibilities in ITIL service design, service transition and service operation. Information Systems team members are responsible for designing, developing, testing and deploying code for services such as California Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS), Ed-Data and other FCMAT/CSIS services, including SharePoint sites leveraged internally and with CSIS partners such as CDE and EdSource for collaboration and knowledge management.

Client Services Department 

Martha Friedrich, CSIS Client Services Officer, has directed the Client Services Department since 2002 and has been with CSIS since 2001. She is responsible for implementing and managing user support systems to enable California school districts and county offices of education to effectively and efficiently use CSIS Services and complete the state reporting requirements of the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS).  She also manages the development and delivery of user training and documentation.  Ms. Friedrich is a Certified Chief Technology Officer.  Prior to joining CSIS, Martha worked nine years at a county office of education supporting five school districts’ use of a financial and student system.

The CSIS Client Services Department includes a services architect, implementation specialists, data analysts, trainers and Service Desk staff who are responsible for providing training and Service Desk support for the California Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) and other FCMAT/CSIS services. Client Services staff train LEA staff, respond to service tickets from LEAs and also provide pro-active support to LEAs to help them improve their local data management practices and meet state and federal reporting requirements.​​​​​​